New Kewdale location provides greater one-stop convenience for CTE clients.

An exciting program this year has seen the prevously separate design and manufacturing departments of Control and Thermal Engineering come together under one roof at new premises in Kewdale.

The move from the outskirts of Bayswater to the industrial centre of Kewdale will be a great benefit to our clients. Our customers can now enjoy streamlines service and one-stop-shop convenience.

The new premises at 12 Ballantyne Road Kewdale comprise 1900 square metres of factory with an additional 266 square metres of office space.

This integration also allows greater control and availability for the process and development hire equipment.

Recent CTE projects include an evaporator system for Coogee Chemicals, an environmental pilot process for the mining industry and stage three of Alcoa’s portable water cooling module for safety showers.

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