The ‘one-stop-shop’ advantage!

For our clients a mighty benefit is our streamlined ‘one-stop-shop’ service from concept to installation. CTE design, develop, manufacture, install, supervise and manage the complete project from start to finish. No subcontractors. No hassles. No costly delays. Furthermore, any changes in direction can be handled efficiently within a Research and Development environment.

Pilot plant construction saves $$$

Before clients outlay a huge investment CTE can design, construct and commission small bench scale pilot process equipment through to full scale process pilot plants. These prototypes permit the inevitable changes to be structured in prior to full-scale production to save time and money.
Turnkey operation and construction

Do you have a process flow diagram or a sketch flow sheet? CTE have the infrastructure, technical expertise and management skills to carry out a first-rate job right through to the commissioning of the plant.

A commitment to on-going performance

Never let it be said that CTE does not take pride in all its projects. Therefore, our interest does not cease after the construction phase. Our people who are experienced in the construction of the equipment are the same technicians who service and maintain it as required.

As industry leaders, CTE also act as consultants on a wide and varying range of issues from product opinion to construction techniques.

Finally, customer confidentiality is assured at all times.